While signal jamming is mostly banned these days, several organizations use signal jamming for various different tasks. Main uses of signal jamming is in areas like security and privacy in government and military related applications.

Below mentioned are some uses of signal jammers (bloqueador de senal) in modern times.

WiFi Signal Jammers

WiFi jammers are used by organizations and institutions to ensure protection against theft of data. WiFi devices can be used to inject various different types of attacks into the security and data protection systems of many companies. Wi-Fi jammers are basically used to protect data of big companies from being leaked.

You can also use the Wi-Fi jammer at your house to jam Wi-Fi signals at night. This will prevent your children from using Internet and sleeping late at night.

moblie jammer

Various Personal Uses

For personal uses, mobile phone jammers are usually utilized. These jammers can be used by companies to restrict unwanted calls in their premises. This way, their workers will work diligently without being disturbed by outside calls. There are also smaller mobile versions of cell phone jammers which can be used and carried by individuals in their pockets. However, before using these devices outside the walls of your house, you should check with your local laws as these devices might be illegal in your area.

For Added Privacy

For privacy reasons, you can buy and use GPS jammers in your vehicle. This way, a GPS jammer can save you from being tracked by spies and even by your spouse. These jammers are also Used by drivers working for large organizations. Drivers use GPS jammers to avoid their bosses from tracking them during job. You can also use these jammers to block any bugging devices planted in your vehicle or house.